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This week I watched BBC PANORAMA talking about Ryanair, after the broadcast in the UK I get the show thru BBC Iplayer, for me Ryanair it´s a great company to fly thru Europe if you travel with low budget like even if you travel with a good budget cool be a great company too.

I did this post yesterday in spanish and I get +10,000 hits (and counting) so I decide to translate to english explaining the doubts I heard from my friends and relatives about Ryanair.

How you get this 0,01€ tickets?, I try but I never can get it!

The trick is be aware of the offers on the siteis in first register on the mailing list where alert you of offers (sometimes in like a day in advance and another times later) and the second part is persistence.

My little secret is to keep an eye every day and stop by the website of Ryanair after midnight (GMT time, CET time 1:00 am) to see if the company have a new offer, for example this monday morning after the broadcast of BBC Panorama they offer a million flights for free.

I want to fly friday in the evening and return on sunday afternoon but I don´t get any 0,01 tickets, Ryanair is a scam!

You can´t expect to have 0,01 in weekends but sometimes by mistake of the company you may get but it´s not the usual.

Low fares are in the ninety five percent for times when the people doesn´t fly like weekdays (tuesday, wednesday and thursday are the best days) but if you have flexibility to travel from let´s say from thursday to monday to Barcelona for ten pounds instead of flying on weekend for one hundred pounds, why don´t do it?

I need to fly from Berlin to Madrid but I can´t book a connected flight, why?

Ryanair it´s a point to point airline that means that you can´t book a connected flight like Berlin-Milan-Madrid but the thing you can do is book separetly by own responsability .

The are two ways to fly in this way:

a) Buy a lot of tickets: if you can book for 5 euros/pounds book next flight too just in case, because you lose your next plane you will have to pay a lot of money.

b)Plan your trip carefuly: for example if you are doing a Berlin-Madrid via Milan (Bergamo) take the first trip in the morning and spend the day in Milan, you can left your bag in the airport for €4 and the bus costs about €14 and then fly in the night to your destination.

Why I have to pay five euros for print my own boarding card at home?

They answer is that Ryanair put this fee to make look their fares cheaper, but if you are flying in a offer flight you won´t pay the fee.

How much I will have to pay if I try to get the flight without a boarding pass?

In case you have lost your boarding card, you will pau forty euros / pounds.

When I travel I will do duplicate copies of boarding cards before the trip, just in case. I also save the boardings documents in pdf and I upload it to a safe site.

I’m going to London for shopping and I want to bring two suitcases full of clothes, do you recommend Ryanair?

Ryanair is not the best airline to that, better fly with British Airways but if you have money to go shopping to London you should have enough money to pay Ryanair fees.

With Ryanair you can carry ten kilos of hand luggage in one bag within 55cmX40cmX20cm (a handbag or a backpack, I use a 40 liter backpack) which for a three days trip will be enough.

According to the airport are more or less permissive with the issue of weight and measures, for example in London tend to give much cane and Palma de Mallorca does not say anything but that should not be an indicator.

Also depends on the mood of the ground staff that can make you check your luggage during the boarding making you pay a fortune to put your luggage on the plane (but this also makes vueling for example) so be smart.

For example if you go to London without pay you checked luggage and then you buy a lot of things in London you can pay online avoiding to pay a lot more in the airport.

If you want to book one bag online costs 15 pounds/euros if you do that on the airport will cost you 35 pounds/euros.

You only can carry 15 kilos if you carry more will costs you 20 pounds/euros per kilo, if you want to check in another bag will cost you 50 pounds/euros online or 105 in airport, you can carry 30 kilos.

Speed boarding

In my opinion doesnt worth to pay it unless you have a long flight like fly from London to the Canary Islands (four hours) so you can get the seat in the first line where you will have a huge space for your legs.

But if you are doing a London-Dublin it´s not useful because all seats are equal of uncomfortable.

Travel insurance

Before the new change of the insurance field on the booking site a lot of people pay by mistake that fee but now is very easy to see where to check for not pay for the insurance.

If you want to have a travel insurance buy one by yourself.

What means Pisa (Florence), is it Pisa or Florence?

Ryanair operates at secondary airports to save money, for example to go to Stockholm there are two airports (Svaskta and Vasteras) and both are over a hundred miles, in the case of Svaskta the bus costs 200 crowns (about twenty euros) for return bus, my return flight to Stockholm cost five euros and bus four times more than the plane, but hey! it´s Ryanair.

To get to Girona from Barcelona you have to pay about twelve euros each way but then there are other airports such as Madrid and Palma only have to pay two euros for going to the airport.

Review the transportation to the city before get the flights.

I think I’ve more or less resolved the doubts you may have a person about Ryanair, if I probraly left something, so please leave me a comment and I will add it.

You can check all the “hidden” fees here.

If you want to read the original post in spanish please click here.

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  1. pat octubre 15, 2009 a 5:53 pm #

    The true is in”Ryanair Caught Napping” which explains to you how O’Leary runs his business and put pressure on pilots and cabin crew to get what he wants and make big profits.

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